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A Storytelling Holiday

Family stories give teenagers a firm footing in the world. Researchers surveyed 66 families with kids aged 14-16 for a study published in the Journal of Family Life. Teens who could correctly identify where their parents went to school or how they met were less anxious or depressed, and less likely to act out or disobey their parents. Apparently, stories about parents and grandparents help form strong identities.
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Processed Food Data

I’m personally sick and tired of the simplistic finger pointing that goes on in the obesity debate. A popular and convenient argument places blame solely on overweight people and their families. Supposedly, if individuals had more will power, they wouldn’t be fat. As if being obese is a walk in the park. Never mind that obesity increases health risks, bullying, and social stigma. If losing weight and keeping it off were as easy as say, downloading a season of The Biggest Loser, people would be doing it in droves. That, simply, is not happening.
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