Before the Buffer Zone

before the buffer zone      1.22.14

We were in the car, my husband and I, when Nina Totenberg’s voice came on the radio, interviewing the lead plaintiff in a case that would go in front of the U.S. Supreme Court that day. In question are the buffer zones that have been enforced around Planned Parenthood clinics

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Milestones in Women’s Health

In 1940, Paul Popenoe, a eugenicist and marriage counselor wrote, “…feminists may be described as women who have inferiority complexes based on the fact of their sex.” Thirty-one years later, a group of feminists managed to overcome their inferiority complexes and penned the first issue of Our Bodies, Ourselves. The booklet provided information about women's health and sexuality and challenged the medical establishment to improve healthcare for women. Forty years and nine editions later, Our Bodies Ourselves (the organization) continues to promote women's health and rights in the U.S. and beyond. Women's health has enjoyed plenty of medical and political breakthroughs, but the path has been far from straightforward. Read on for some of the key milestones in women's health of the past 40 years.
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